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  1. Thank you for letting me give you my money! Helping to fund your Kickstarter is cash well spent, but this year is going to be a long one waiting for the final product.

    The SRD is great, though, and I hope that it keeps getting built on for us. As it is, it’s enough that I feel that I know enough about what’s coming to get work going again on my own Cortex Prime game.

    Thank you, all! 🙂

  2. First off, let me say that I was extremely pleased to see that Cortex Prime is in the capable hands of the one and only Cam Banks. It may be possible to have Cortex without Cam, but I wouldn’t want to see it.

    I’m excited to see the Kickstarter for Cortex Prime go live and my wallet is just ITCHING to jump out of my pocket and launch all of its contents at Magic Vacuum. However, I do have a couple of concerns before I make the jump. These concerns aren’t about the quality or reliability of Cam’s work. I firmly believe that the book will ship, as scheduled, and be amazing.

    Primarily, I’m concerned about the size of the Cortex Prime Game Handbook. The Kickstarter page lists the estimated size at 6X9″ and 152+ pages. This is about the same size as the Savage Worlds Explorer Edition Handbook, albeit slightly smaller. While this is a nice size for a simplified (yet expandable) system like Savage Worlds, I’m having trouble believing that you’re going to be able to fit the most important aspects of Cortex Classic, Dramatic, Action and Heroic in addition to any other variations like the Firefly RPG system into such a small format. This is especially true since the Kickstarter page lists that there will be 3 starter settings included (big kudos for bringing back Trace).

    I’m worried that, instead of a toolbox full-to-bursting with bits and pieces to craft a custom version of Cortex Prime, we’ll instead see a few paragraphs explaining each concept (like Distinctions, SFX and Plot Points), a couple of examples of how to tailor these to your game and then be told to “Play It Our Way”. This worked well in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide because it provided the theory and reasoning behind hacking the systems and how to get the greatest impact at your table, but since I already HAVE the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide, I’m more interested in seeing a list of 100 different powersets (and their attached SFX) that I can pick and choose from to fit my setting. I’d rather see a comprehensive list of genre-independent skills that I can weave into my game than a description of how I can MAKE a list of skills for it.

    Just taking the stripped-down Core Rules from the generic systems in the Hacker’s Guide would seem to require more than 152 pages, especially if they’re 6X9″ instead of the larger 8.5X11″ format the Hacker’s Guide used. Even accounting for anything that might be duplicated among those systems, that still leaves out anything from Cortex Classic, Firefly and the 3 starter settings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll most likely be purchasing the book either way. But if it’s as I fear, I’ll be buying it after it’s published, just to continue my collection of Cortex books, instead of using it “at the table”. I already have several suitable hacks I’ve created, the Hacker’s Guide to help me make more, and there’s always Cortex Classic when I just want a handy, build-it-yourself game system.

    If it’s going to end up being a more-portable version of the Cortex Blue Book with a ton of new Cortex Plus options…well then, I can see a Magic Vacuum sucking up a lot of my money. I’d understand if you can’t respond to this, but I’m in a Catch-22 where I can’t ask on the Kickstarter Page without backing the project, but I don’t want to back it until I get an answer. Hopefully, you’ll see this and be able to give more details before the Kickstarter closes.

    Either way, good luck, godspeed and thank you for keeping Cortex alive.

    1. Hi Mike! Yes, despite what it might look like, that’s exactly what my plans are for the Game Handbook. I don’t want to skimp on anything. It may end up much larger than 152 pages but regardless the price will remain the same.

      1. So…a compact, toolbox system that has more flavors than FATE and more customization than Savage Worlds…that I can use to just throw a game together whenever I need to, prep-time or not…


        I’ll be pledging $80.00 for the Prime Hardcover Spotlight package when I get paid on Wednesday. I’d prefer a Softcover Spotlight option for consistency with my Cortex Classic and Hacker’s Guide, but I’ll take what I can get. That Spotlight level is just too good to pass up.

  3. I just “discovered” the Cortex plus system and purchased both leverage and firefly rpgs. I also, today (7/10/2017) discovered that I missed the kickstarter for the new version, Cortex Prime. Is there a way to jump on the digital level or do I need to wait for the retail to start. Even if there is not way to get”in” I am looking forward to what you do with the system.

    Thanks You,

    1. Later this year, in the fall, we’re going to launch the BackerKit pledge manager site that handles all of the Kickstarter pledges and rewards. At that time, we’ll provide a way to jump on and pre-order copies of the Game Handbook and System Reference as well as the Prime Spotlights.

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